Welcome to the “Store for making souvenirs”

Souvenirs, by themselves carry a great story. They are history, culture, customs, folklore of a country. Constantly exploring those things, learning about them and looking for inspiration is necessary for creating a souvenir. Exactly that is a clear commitment of our activities.

Simply, we are described by our name. Since 20 years ago, souvenirs and various types of handicrafts are our concerns. The main inspiration is found in natural materials, copper, wood, glass and textile. Combinations of materials to the customs of different climates, habits and needs of the people, history, with the addition of love, hard work and skills, are the main recipe of our products.

Where there are nature lovers, patriots, curious tourists, pilgrims and believers of religion, we are there too. Our products are the nicest kind of memories from a trip, the authentic state symbols, icons of your patron saint, original gifts for the dear people, and everything you want.

To make your celebration last longer, your memories fresher, gift more precious and instant decision easier, we'll take care of it, with pleasure.